Active agents for an economy with zero plastics

30 March 2022

We are the Canary Islands. We live surrounded by the sea. We are located on a strategic location. We are the oldest business association in the Canary Islands. Our associated companies are responsible for attracting thousands of national and international ships to our ports each year, working directly with international shipowners and their crews.

The commitment to the conservation and protection of the marine environment that sustains the economy of our associated companies is a pillar of the vision shared by the Association of Shipping Agents and Stevedoring Companies of Las Palmas (ASOCELPA).

All of the above allows us to have an unbeatable position to contribute to weaving an international network that helps to spread awareness about the importance of cleaning the oceans beyond our islands.

Friends of the Ocean is a powerful global alliance between organizations, institutions and companies from all sectors and fields that share a commitment to protect the marine ecosystem and achieve a zero plastics economy. It is essential for the health of people and planet.

You are all welcome. Help us make change happen.